How To Attract Girls – Why 90 Percent of Guys Fail

How To Attract Girls - Why 90 Percent of Guys Fail

Regardless of just how much we ladies attempt to kid ourselves and believe that we’re all totally individual individuals and that there is no method to truly attract any woman, you will find a number of issues that by no means fail to get a woman thinking about a given man out of all of the other men within the bar / club / room. The following are the traits that appeal to and attract all ladies, regardless of looks, age, interests, etc.

Do not dress like a bum – Even though this may appear obvious to most and comical to some, a easy glance around any bar / club by any woman (trust me!), will reveal numerous totally clueless men dressed like crap. Now do not get me wrong, this isn’t snobbery and also the objective isn’t to attempt to look as rich or wealthy as feasible – built merely to be nicely presented.

Ladies go to fantastic lengths to get ready to go out for a night on the town, for hours in advance. We lay out various outfits to determine what to wear, do our hair (frequently redo it a number of times), bathe, use creams and apply makeup, and a lot much more – merely to get ready for an average night at a club. Now why would a girl that put in all that time and effort into searching great, go out to hook up with some guy in a dirty t-shirt and jeans with (oh what style) a baseball cap. Believe once more. In the event you look like you just fell out of bed, strategy on going back there, alone.

Confidence – Regardless of what a woman tells you about the kind of guys that she likes (“kind, sweet, thoughtful, etc.”), I’m going to let you in on the real secret of what ladies really want in ANY man, and that is confidence. It’s with out a doubt, the single most appealing factor to any and all ladies. Why do you believe that so numerous intelligent, appealing and effective ladies go out with such jerks and put up with their lies, mistreatment, B.S. and drama? It is not the reality that the guy’s a jerk that they like, it is the easy reality that most jerks are confident. Becoming confident with out becoming a jerk is the greatest turn on any woman could hope for.

Humor and Intrigue – All ladies adore a mystery. This does not mean you need to be aloof or rude, but at the exact same time understand that most guys speak method to a lot about themselves (and bore us to tears!). Just do not give it all away at as soon as, hold a couple of bits of info back (a cool hobby, an exciting vacation you took) and tell her at a later time. By remaining a bit mysterious you will not just be way ahead of the competition, you will also have a high quality that fascinates most ladies.

Also, Humor is essential. I’m certain you have heard the phrase “Keep her laughing and you have got her” or some thing comparable. Becoming spontaneous and funny is so sexy simply because you not just convey having a sense of humor, but also intelligence and confidence, all at the exact same time! If you are naturally witty, this could be like Viagra to the proper woman! Just keep in mind not to go too overboard (you will risk seeming “try hard”) and no joking about taboo subjects (like religion, politics, or rude humor).

These are the “killer 3″ rules that 99% of ladies respond to, and utilized together correctly, are your secret weapons of seduction.

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